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Urontax Experts is an (inter)national salary and expatriate division for multinationals and everything in between. Urontax Experts has a huge group of experts, however, the customers of Urontax are allocated one single consideration administrator who will look after all your issues and who will be your first point of contact at all periods. Whether your company is beginning out or already prevails efficiently for a long period, we will make sure you get the assistance and the services that best fit your needs. In some situations, we perform with conventional offers, but we always write the best program within your price range and according to your wishes.

Urontax Tax Experts has a huge salary division, since a main issue with the perform of Urontax Experts includes the handling of salary companies, company and assistance to seconded workers and worldwide secondment organizations. As these actions issue extremely complex issues and the consumer is given all possible room for appearing concerns, the skills of the salary advisers in regulation and rules has to be up up to now and easily obtainable at all periods.



What could Urontax Tax do for me?


The salary advisers and salary directors of Urontax Tax Experts is capable of doing the following services:


1.   Handling of conventional salary administrations;
2.   Handling of specialized salary administrations;
3.   Distribution of programs for perform permits;
4.   Distribution of programs for the 30% scheme;
5.   Various (including demands for career cancellations and lawful career issues).

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